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We sell ink & toner cartridges and we're concerned about their effect on our environment.

Sun Data Supply's goal is to provide high-quality, worry free, printer supplies that have a recycled plastic shell.

Here's why:

When you buy a brand name cartridge, you're buying another newly created plastic shell which is detrimental to the environment.

As you may imagine, these shells are being created at an alarming rate and consuming an alarming amount of our precious resources.

Here are the latest statistics:

  • More than 3 quarts of oil are used to produce each laser cartridge.
  • The plastic used in each printer cartridge takes more than 10 centuries (that's 1000 years!) to decompose.
  • 25 million printer cartridges go to land fills each month.
  • Toner cartridge recycling saves over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from landfills.

We'll do our part by continuing to source high quality compatible products with recycled shells and providing you with free pre-paid UPS shipping labels that you can print out from our website.

You can do your part by filling out the form below, printing the pre-paid labels and shipping the cartridges back.

Thank you for helping to take care of our planet!