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Fast Answers To Common Printer And Cartridge Problems

What is making that line on the page? Do I need a service call on my printer? Get fast answers from our product help pages.

Sun only sells high quality products you can depend on. Yet, regardless of where you bought your cartridge, new or remanufactured, from Sun or elsewhere, you may occasionally encounter a printer or print quality problem. We want to help.

To begin, we want to help you quickly get the answer to one of the most common questions of all: Is the problem being caused by the cartridge or the printer? As our website grows we will be continually expanding our online product support information. If you need immediate telephone help with a problem call your Sun Account Manager at 1-800-388-8218.

Is the problem being caused by the cartridge or the printer?

The cartridge is probably defective if you see any thin black lines from top to bottom of the page, multiple repeating black dots, thick black lines down the right hand side of the paper, or patterns of repeating two or more identical black blotches on either side of the paper.

Many of these problems can occur with any cartridge, new or remanufactured. See your printer manual for details. The problem may have been caused by a small hard piece of debris or accumulated paper dust.

First, replace the cartridge. If the print defect continues exactly the same after replacing the cartridge, the problem is most likely the printer's fuser roller and you will probably will need a service call. If the print defect does not reappear and you purchased the cartridge from Sun, we will replace it at no charge.

If you are experiencing other problems that you consider may require a printer service call, perform the following test before you call a service company. You can use an old empty cartridge for this test by first rocking the old cartridge gently from front to back before you place it in the printer. All empty cartridges have enough toner to print a few pages. Used empty cartridges can spill toner so handle the cartridge carefully. If available you could also temporarily use a cartridge from a nearby printer that uses the same type cartridge. Even if the cartridge is completely empty printing a few blank pages with it will resolve some error messages and "printer noise" issues.

Print a few pages from the printer with the test cartridge and see if the error message, print defect, noise, or whatever you were experiencing goes away. If the problem disappears when you are using your temporary cartridge the problem was most likely the cartridge you were using. All Sun products are 100% guaranteed until empty and if defective we will replace it at no charge to you.

Remove the temporary cartridge you were using and put it away. If you have a new replacement cartridge on hand, install a new cartridge in the printer and use the box the new cartridge came in to store the cartridge you were originally using. Mark the box "bad cartridge" or "defective". The manufacturer will check it out when they get it and confirm if it is defective for you. If you do not have a new replacement cartridge available and your problem cartridge was purchased from us, call us and we will quickly get a replacement cartridge to you.

If you have the same print defect image or other problem when using the test cartridge as you did with the cartridge you were using earlier, the problem is in the printer and you may need a service call to correct the printer's problem.

Call your Sun Account Manager at 1.800.388.8218 for immediate help. Some printer problems or error messages can be corrected simply and we will walk you through the corrective action.